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Wolfwhistle Hair and Makeup

So much goes into the perfect vintage look. The outfit is one thing but bringing it all together with crisp makeup and hair is a whole other ballgame. When it comes to styling, Renee from Wolfwhistle Hair and Makeup is the whole package. Renee is a lover of glamour with a creative eye for bringing an entire look together; with her talent in both hair and makeup Renee can provide the full treatment.

Wolfwhistle hair and makeup artist Renee rocking that classic retro style, hair and makeup by herself.

We love having Wolfwhistle based here on the Sunshine Coast! Finding a Jane of all trades in beauty, specialising in true vintage, can be hard to find. We really appreciate that Renee's talent in both fields means not needing to hire a whole crew for an event, and she works her magic with very fair prices. We just know the ladies of the Sunny Coast will fall in love with Renee and her flawless work, and can we just add that she looks incredible wearing Razzama Dazzle's rockabilly clothing too!

A timeless vintage look created by Renee.

What services do Wolfwhistle offer?

Specialising in bridal and special event styling, Wolfwhistle offers both hair and makeup services. All makeup used is cruelty free and will stay put in the Queensland heat, so you can be looking your absolute best all day and night. Whether you're looking for true vintage perfection, a more natural look, runway, editorial or bohemian styling, Wolfwhistle can bring your hair and makeup dreams to life.


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