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The Fabulous Fundies that Started it all

Comfy, funky and sustainable: 10 years on and Razzama Dazzle’s Fundies are so well-loved that they have their own following. Customers have been coming back for their favourite knickers for many reasons: They’re sustainably made to last with flattering designs on top of the fact that they’re incredibly comfortable! These Fundies are where Razzama Dazzle as a brand began, and this week I interviewed designer Maya Ruve to talk more about the very beginning…

When did your sewing journey begin?

Probably around 3 years old; I used to make clothes for my cat and dolls and dress them up. From an early age I’d use a staple gun or hand-sew. When I was 5 my mum owned a children’s clothing label called ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and so I would hang out with her while she was sewing.

You began sewing and selling your Fundies at the markets around 10 years ago, what drew you to undies specifically?

I was at the markets making jewellery and hair accessories for a while, and I wanted to change up my products. I thought I’d move to something I was passionate about, and since I was 15 I always had a passion for lingerie and underwear, so I decided to wing it! I had a sewing machine and small budget so I just gave it a go. I bought as much fabric as I could and asked friends and family what underwear styles they would like to wear and made my own patterns. Nobody else was doing it at the markets at the time.

What attracted you to Pinup culture?

My personal interest came at the age of 5 when I went to see ‘Grease’ at a Drive-In and fell in love with John Travolta; that’s where my obsession with Sandy’s clothes began! From a young age I’ve also collected vintage dresses, and I’ve always been drawn to icons like Bridget Bardot.

As for the Pinup subculture I love the individual expression that it has. It allows you to be yourself, to find your own personal style and it is a supportive network where girls of all sizes are celebrated.

Describe the transition from market life to owning a shopfront-

It was massive and very exciting! The market was a very creative and inspiring family to be in, but there were limitations on exploring more high-end garments and to be creative with my visual merchandising. Plus having to deal with the Queensland weather!

Having a shop front is a nice environment to have more intimate customer experiences and the undies have continued to shine bright amongst the collection for 10 years now; I’ve been working on more lately.

Where do you see Razzama Dazzle going in the future?

I want to create an awareness to slow fashion. Well-made clothing that you love you will keep for longer, which means less in landfill. Taking the time to buy consciously and embrace your artistic style rather than a carbon copy that will be thrown away next season, and of course our clothing is ethically made. I would like Razzama Dazzle to inspire people to find their style which also supports slow fashion.

Read more about Razzama Dazzle’s ethics here: Our Ethics


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