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Marilyn Monroe’s Style Guide

The woman who had the world captivated whether she was gracing the stage or screen in a figure hugging gown, rocking business chic style, or casual, feminine sundresses. Unsurprisingly Marilyn Monroe is one of Razzama Dazzle’s fashion inspirations, and it is because of her ability to capture the world’s attention with a sense of style that seemed almost effortless that we look into what made Marilyn’s style stand the test of time.

Sure her Hollywood glamour image is centered around tight-fitting, glitzy, show-stopping gowns, but the true Marilyn magic is in the quietly sophisticated, casual outfits she wore. Sweet floral or coloured dresses, pencil skirts and Capri pants were staples in Marilyn’s wardrobe. She would always keep a good stock of basic colours for her everyday-wear: Black, white, blue and red were her go-to shades and designers have been quoted as saying she would order many of the same garment at a time. She found what worked for her and stocked up on those wardrobe essentials!

You don’t need to break the bank to dress like a Hollywood glamour; you just need to find the right fit, have confidence in yourself and a word of advice from the icon herself:

“Always be yourself, retain individuality; listen to the truest part of yourself” –Marilyn Monroe


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