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It's All In The Details

Pin Up gals know the importance of a slick hair-do, crisp lipstick application and winged liner so sharp it could cut! The icons and actresses of old Hollywood always had such an effortlessly put-together look, and hand and nail care is another important step in achieving this.

Moisturise Daily

Using hand cream morning and night gives your skin a hydrated, youthful look.

Using a cuticle oil will also improve the skin, and this can be as simple as massaging a small amount of almond oil into your nail beds at night.

Exfoliate weekly

We use our hands constantly through-out the day so it’s only logical that they get a little wear and tear. Gently exfoliating the dry or rough skin off the hands about once a week will keep you feeling smooth and soft. Here’s a recipe for a beautiful, moisturising sugar scrub you can easily make at home:

Sugar Scrub

  • 1 cup of granulated brown sugar

  • ½ cup of oil (coconut oil is a great one to use)

  • Optional- Essential oil of your choice

Mix together and keep your sugar scrub in a tightly sealed jar.

A Healthier Manicure

For many ladies getting a set of false nails is the best way to achieve not only even nail lengths but added nail strength. SNS is a form of nail enhancement that is quickly growing in popularity because it is seen as the healthier option. It’s a quicker ‘dipping’ option meaning they coat the nail in a resin, then dip into a modified form of acrylic powder until the desired shape is achieved. This quicker process requires less filing, therefor is healthier for the natural nail with reduced friction. It is also stronger than gel enhancements and the colour won’t chip with a system called PowderPolish. The colour works similarly to the SNS nail itself in that it the colour is a dip-powder that dries to a polish finish and is chip resistant.

The key to beautiful hands is getting into the habit of caring for them daily like we do the skin on our face. Make it part of a self-care ritual to really pamper yourself!


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